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**Entry to the expo compound outside the hall is subject to the regulations of the Ministry of Health and licensing instructions.

The following regulations are hereby established to regulate participation in the sports competition for athletes and escorts by the regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Sports for events.

RFA Games 2023

How much have we missed a big physical event?

We are proud to announce that as big as the longing, so is the size of the event.

This year we are coming to the capital city of Israel, which opens up many opportunities for venues that have not yet been seen here and a larger number of participants.


It’s time to get back into ACTION!


Categories for 2023:

Flagship category – ELITE

The battlefield of the heroes – this category is suitable for anyone who has competed until today and for new players who can face any physical and mental challenge that comes their way.

TEENS category – ages 15-17

The youth category is designed to provide a platform for the future generation to experience and gain competitive experience.

MASTERS category – ages 35-39, 40-45, +

A category of athletes who have represented their clubs consistently, inspiring us for over 10 years in family and career life. They began their journey in their 20s and 30s and are still with us today with great loyalty – this is your place to show everyone and yourself that age is just a number.

SCALED category.

The scaled category is intended to provide a platform for team trainees who want to lead without complex elements like muscle-ups, handstand walks, heavy weights, etc. – this is the category that shows that CrossFit is suitable for everyone!

Several competitors will advance to the competition itself after the preliminaries:

Elite Men – 48

Elite Women – 32

Masters Men 35-39 – 32

Masters Women 35-39 – 8

Masters Men 40-44 – 8

Masters Women 40+ – 8

Masters Men 45+ – 8

Teen Boys 15-17 – 8

Teen Girls 15-17 – 8

Scaled Men – 16

Scaled Women – 16

It is common in many sports to expand into sub-leagues and intermediate levels to allow more athletes at various levels to enjoy and participate in the sport they love.

        Registration for the preliminaries is between 1/3/23 and 12/4/23 at 23:59.

        Preliminary workouts will be published on 13/4/23 at 00:01.

        The preliminary stage consists of 3 workouts that must be performed during a full week that will begin on 13/4/23 at 00:01 and end on 20/4/23 at 23:59 (all workouts must be completed).

        You can switch categories up to 48 hours before the registration deadline on 12/4/23 at 23:59 – to request a change in preliminaries, please fill out the following form: http://bit.ly/3CQQHvo.

        With the end of the submission deadline for results and videos, the screening stage will begin on 14/5/23, and the list of competitors who advance to the two days of competition in Jerusalem will be published (personal messages will also be sent to each competitor).

        The competition in Jerusalem will take place between 22-23/6/23.

If the video does not comply with the settings of camera angles, workloads, repetitions, movement standards, etc., the results of the workouts will be annulled by the judging team accordingly.

Documentation process:

        Recording the video according to the standards attached to each training.

        Uploading the video to YouTube or Vimeo.

        Attaching the link to publish the result on Competition Corner.

Filming instructions:

        Do not edit the video, editing will disqualify the candidate from the competition.

        The candidate should appear throughout the video from beginning to end when the entire body is visible as well as the relevant equipment must appear in the video.

        The recording will be at a 45-degree angle to the candidate so that the participant is seen from the front and side.

        At the beginning of the video, it should be clearly stated: Full name, competition name, category, and event, and photograph the relevant equipment clearly (weights, height/distance, as required as specified in the standards).

Important to know!

        It is mandatory to include a link to YouTube – a result without a video will disqualify the participant.

        Please ensure that the videos are not edited, and the athlete is visible throughout the entire video.

        At the beginning of each video, the athlete must be presented with their full name, the training number must be noted, and the weights, measurements, and distances should be documented as defined in the standards of each training.

Video tests:

        In the case of a small number of repetitions that do not meet the defined standards or a failure to perform a certain number of repetitions: the result of that training will be adjusted over time or by the invalid/missing repetitions.

        In the case of many repetitions that do not meet the standards, the athlete’s result will be reduced by 15% in time or repetitions.

        If the athlete does not perform the training as required, or if there is an unreasonable amount of missing or sub-standard repetitions, that submission will be disqualified.

In the video test, points will be deducted according to the following model:

        1-5 invalid repetitions – reduction of the number of repetitions or adding 5 seconds to each repetition.

        6-10 invalid repetitions – reduction of 15% of the repetitions or adding 15% of the original time to the result.

        11+ invalid repetitions – disqualification of the submission.

        ** It is mandatory to comply with the filming angles as defined in the publication of the exercises. A video that is not submitted according to the defined standards will not be able to appeal the result determined by the judging team.


        Appeals will be accepted only through the following form: http://bit.ly/3ZFCStF.

Professional inquiries:

You can contact the competition team to receive a response on any topic through the following email address: [email protected]

Payment and Refund Policy:

Payment for the preliminary stage:

The payment for the preliminary stage during early registration is $35 until 19/3/23 at 23:59 (plus a direct registration fee on the website). After that, the registration fee will be $45 (plus a direct registration fee on the website).

There will be no refund for the preliminary stage registration for any reason.

** Participants in the competition that will take place in Jerusalem will be required to pay an additional fee of $99 (plus a direct registration fee on the website) until 25/5/23 at 10:00.

** It is mandatory to complete the registration process on the competition corner system to participate in the preliminary stage.

For any questions, please send a message to rfaj2022@gmail.com.

Publication on the leaderboard and participants in the competition in Jerusalem: 14.5.23


There will be no refund for registration.

This also applies to cases of injury, illness, changes in the schedule, and the like.

If the event is canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no refund.