About the event

About the competition

This is the Ten year in which the RFA GAMES has been held.
In the past, we were looking for the best fit man and woman in Israel.
Starting at 2019, this is a global competition that is open to competitors from around the world and will examine all the components of fitness, against elements from the world of weight lifting, gymnastics, athletics and more.

The competition will be attended by athletes who have completed the preliminary stage.

The competition does not focus on specific branches and abilities, but is open to athletes from any category, from Israel and around the world, who will compete in order to prove that they have the best physical fitness!

In addition, as every year, a huge exhibition will be held outside the complex, with exhibitors from various fields (fashion, food supplements, food, etc.) which will be open to the general public free of charge, and is expected to occupy about 10,000 people in the two days of the competition!

The host city

RFA Partner

professional management

Management and production


The EXPO complex

The expo complex outside the competition will include importers and manufacturers from the world of sports and physical fitness, including clothing, footwear, sunglasses, insoles, headphones, snacks, sports medicine, training equipment, pulse clocks, equipment, tatoos, and much more!


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